A person's perception of space at home, at work or elsewhere directly affects his or her personal, social and cultural identity. We cannot change people, but we can change the environment, which in turn affects people.
Our mission is to offer a complete interior design service solution with a sufficient and comprehensive product range to create an environment - a dignified space that raises a person's awareness, helps maintain positive attitudes and promotes emotional satisfaction.
The limits of your ability begin with what is around you!


Our vision is to exceed your expectations and always achieve a step better end result. We are driven on a daily basis by an uninterrupted global vocation that continually grows our community and promotes strategic partnerships between competitors. We have done all the necessary preliminary work and assembled a team that will implement even the most inaccessible visions.


The Two Factors started with two factors - incessant willpower and insanity. These two qualities are like pieces of puzzle that, on the one hand, look different, but when combined, form an invincible and harmonious whole, with the added value of direct communication, quality, trust and cooperation.

Direct communication - taking into account the views of each team member and the importance of the opinion.
Quality - searched and tested excellence in both products and services.
Trust - the sum of professionalism, honesty and cohesion.
Cooperation - value proposition through creating and maintaining a quality community.